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Bananas Foster Butter

Bananas Foster Butter
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Manufacturer: Naturally Gourmet Products
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Bananas Foster Butter

Bananas Foster Like You've Never Seen or Tasted Before!.

To create extraordinary desserts or pastries,  substitute our Bananas Foster Butter for regular butter for a unique flavor.  May also be used as a finishing spread to add delectable delight! 

Applications  :: 

 Use this over waffles, croissants,  muffins and hot baked bread.  

    Bananas Foster Bread Pudding:  Partially Melt the Butter in a sautee pan and add bananas and raisens.  Pour it over your hotbread pudding!

Plantain and Sweet Potato Bananas Foster Belgian Waffle:  mouth-watering, crisp belgium waffle with chantille cream on top a heap of golden fried plaintains drizzled in bananas foster butter.  Served with bananas foster butter for topping and spreading as well.

Bananas Foster Coconut Shrimp Skewers:  coconut breaded shrimp and deep fried bananas soaked in bananas foster butter, skewered, and dripped with ecstacy.  Serve with a side of bananas foster butter

Bananas Foster Fried Plaintains:  fried plaintains drizzled in a creamy bananas foster butter sauce

Bananas Foster Bread:  save time and money by substituting our banana foster butter for regular butter and bananas where calls for in recipe

Strawberry & Bananas Foster Crepes:  crepes stuffed with fresh pureed strawberries baked to perfection, drizzled in a bananas foster butter sauce and served with fresh whipped cream and a side of blueberries

Bananas Foster Brownies:  either substitute bananas foster butter for regular butter in recipe or melt butter lightly in saute pan then drizzle over brownies, let flavor seep thru, top with fresh whip cream

Bananas Foster Ice Cream Glaze:  lightly melt butter in pan then pour over 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a delicious gourmet treat

Bananas Foster Peanut Butter Cookies:  substitue our butter where calls for regular butter in recipe


Retail:  8 ounce jar, refrigerated, case pk=12

Food Service: (Three Options) FROZEN

-  1/6 pan, ready to drop in cold well, Case pack = 4(2.65lb) pans
- 2 buckets/ case 125 oz. (1) gallon buckets 7.81 lbs net wt

- 200 (1/2 oz) butter pucks 6.25lbs net wt.

Food Service Pricing: contact us or 877-218-7421 to find a local distributor in your area.

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Bananas Foster Butter
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